Success Stories

We are happy to share some of our graduates’ success stories and are proud to have been able to help!


I can see up close easier. I can read without skipping lines or getting headaches. I feel more confident when I read in front of the class. I do homework faster.

— Elsa

Parent/guardian comments:

In kindergarten we realized our daughter was struggling. She came home exhausted and many times with headaches. Often she would fall asleep on my lap after school to recenter herself. Kindergarten is a struggle for many kids at first, but Elsa’s seemed to be at a higher level.

As the years went on, parent/teacher conferences focused on possible dyslexia, ADHD or maybe she is just a “late bloomer.” However, by 3rd grade it was apparent there was something more and we/teachers feared she would not pass IRead.

We learned of Dr. Weigel and his staff and immediately contacted him. Since therapy began, Elsa rarely complained of headaches, nor comes home exhausted. She even made honors for the first time! Thank you Dr. Weigel and Nichole for your help in giving her health and confidence back!


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Parent/guardian comments:

Our daughter Addison, currently in 3rd grade, has struggled keeping up with her peers in Reading since the beginning of grade school. She also was NEVER interested in reading, writing or phonics. She would throw fits, come up with excuses and break down at homework time – DAILY! We tried tutoring, extra practice and one-on-one time with her, to help her succeed but nothing seemed to help! We knew it was time to try something new — so we called Dr. Eric!

Right away Dr. Eric found a delay in Addison’s vision, and we started therapy with Natalie 2 months later.  We were ECSTATIC about the placement for Addison — you see — our oldest daughter Macy went through Vision Therapy about 3 years ago with Ms. Natalie and had GREAT success!

Sure enough, following Natalie and Dr. Eric’s advice doing her homework and working hard (even through a few tears) Addison is growing leaps and bounds now! She asks me to listen to her read – because she is proud of herself – and is reading chapter books on her own now! It’s hard to believe that just 8 months ago Addison couldn’t even read a single paragraph without getting discouraged and upset!

We are GRATEFUL for Natalie’s expertise, her FUN personality and her determined ability to show our girls their true potential! Whenever we get the chance to share our Vision Therapy journey – we do! We are forever THANKFUL for the Southeastern Indiana Vision Development Center!


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When I started vision therapy my eyesight was horrible. Then when I was finished it was like brand new. The worst thing was that I had to do homework. Sorry Natalie! The best thing was all the activities I got to do. Thank you so much for all the things you did.

— Ainslee

Parent/guardian comments:

Ainslee began therapy during her 4th grade year. She was an average A-B student but resisted reading longer chapter books because she complained that she would lose her place easily. Within the first few months we noticed a new desire to at least try reading lengthier text. Her confidence blossomed as she worked with Natalie each week. She even adapted to the therapy sessions held virtually with ease. Overall, we were very happy with the progress made!


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